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One of our primary goals at Cyverity is to empower information systems auditors with the tools and skills necessary to perform valuable assessments for organizations. We are not just talking about paperwork reviews. Instead, we want to help auditors assess an organization’s technology systems tangibly. Let’s not just ask questions to check off a checklist; let’s ask real questions and perform real tests to measure the organization’s appropriate use of technology. 

To that end, we have created several free resources to help auditors achieve that goal. These resources are meant to help auditors perform their reviews practically, learn about trends in the audit industry, and even prepare them for certification exams. We hope these free resources will assist you in your audit efforts.

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Free Resources

Explore the culmination of decades of research and resources, meticulously curated by the team at Cyverity and made available exclusively through our partner company, The Cybersecurity Risk Foundation (CRF)

CRF - Business Case for Cybersecurity

Provides an in-depth analysis of why prioritizing cybersecurity is vital for businesses today.

CRF - Governance & Risk Model

Defines clear roles, responsibilities, and processes, ensuring standardized cybersecurity management.

CRF - Threat Taxonomy

A practical guide aimed at empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity threats.

CRF - Maturity Model

Guides organizations in developing and refining their information security programs with a structured framework.

CRF - Safeguards

Represents a comprehensive initiative, integrating best practices from over 80 cybersecurity standards and guidelines.

CRF - Audit Framework

Offers a structured method for auditing cybersecurity measures, helping organizations effectively protect their digital assets from growing cyber threats.