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At Cyverity, each team member stands out as a certified cybersecurity expert, evidenced by our association with the distinguished IANS Faculty and our roles as instructors and course authors at the SANS Institute. Our extensive experience spans various roles, including Consultants, CIO, CISO, Architect, Engineer, and Instructor. We have bundled all our knowledge, skills, and abilities together to help ensure your company is not just busy doing cybersecurity tasks but actually ensuring your increased security.

Meet the Team

James Tarala

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner of Cyverity, James has spent the past several years designing large enterprise security and infrastructure architectures, helping organizations perform security assessments, and communicating enterprise risk to senior leadership teams. He serves on IANS Faculty and is Senior Faculty at the SANS Institute and the author of the brand new LDR419: Performing a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, LDR 519: Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance as well as a number of previous SANS courses.

Russell Eubanks

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner of Cyverity, Russell continually assesses the cybersecurity posture of many diverse organizations and increases their maturity while decreasing the probability of a breach. He is the former chief information officer (CIO) and chief information security officer (CISO) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.  He serves on IANS Faculty and is a SANS Principal Instructor and co-author of MGT521: Leading Cybersecurity Change: Building A Security-Based Culture and the SEC405: Business Finance Essentials course for SANS Technology Institute. He wrote the first paper on how to implement Critical Security Controls and is a former handler for the SANS Internet Storm Center. Russell is especially passionate about helping new or aspiring cyber leaders increase their influence by connecting to the mission of the company.

Brian Ventura


As a partner at Cyverity, Brian regularly focuses on Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance assessments. With a strong technical background in systems administration, enterprise architecture, and IT operations, Brian transitioned into Information Security architecture, audit, and security management. He is a SANS Certified Instructor and author of SEC 566: Implementing and Auditing CIS Controls and serves on IANS Faculty. Brian has experience with Fortune 100 companies, SMBs, and government, which helps right-size solutions and focus for each customer and project.

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