Security hot topics
Security hot topics
You make choices everyday
You make choices everyday
that impact security exposure at your organization. We cut through the noise to inform better decisions.

In-depth Advice

Our sole focus is to provide expert advice and actionable best practices in three key areas.

  1. New Attack Surface Risks
  2. Solutions Selection & Outsourcing Options
  3. Operations Optimization & Culture

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Risk Radar

Keep pace with your
Expanding attack surfaces

  • Know about new vulnerabilities as customers, partners, apps, sensors and innumerable other connection points proliferate
  • Get ready for many componentized applications running in IaaS/PaaS, containers, distributed across microservices, APIs, serverless, etc
  • Refine DevOps processes and tool usage to permit increasing code commits/changes to production, safely

Determine acceptable levels of
Risk exposure and compliance

  • Identify effective techniques, tools and simplified process to maximize your security budget and priority list
  • Know what compliance actions to focus on and what steps to take
  • Find out what tech can help not only with threat risk assessment, but with visibility

Solution Selection

Choose the most appropriate
Security providers and solutions

  • Discover what your peers are deploying and their experience with Identity, SIEM, EDR, NGFW, Asset Mgmt and other tools
  • Hear the good and bad about providers large and small
  • Determine where reality ends and hype begins for enabling tech such as machine learning, analytics, blockchain, quantum, new “platforms,” etc

Balance tech and time across
External and internal options

  • Strike the right balance between traditional on-prem and cloud security solutions
  • Benchmark against shifts in security management and monitoring towards managed services
  • See where professional services have paid off/or not for others

Operations Optimization

Refine staff actions to speed up
Detection and incident response

  • Achieve faster reaction time and minimize disruption by learning key ops metrics and baseline averages
  • Optimize workflow and analyst skills in the context of better tools and team capabilities
  • Automate as many tasks as possible to increase analyst effectiveness in labour intensive, manual operations

Lead security organization change in
Roles, responsibilities and culture

  • Get insights into how others have improved security culture among non-IT employees
  • Establish effective security reporting structures for risk, identity, network, app dev, endpoint, end-user training, etc
  • Learn best practices for recruitment and retention of security pros

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